Shared Office for rent at Hè

We have 2 desks to share in our brand new commercial space. We offer you shared custody of 2 orphaned desks who need the love and care only your business can offer .

You can rent it for a day.  for example, you need it every Monday, so you rent and pay only for those Mondays :-)
Or weekly, or many days during the week (note that weekends counts, s you can rent it  7/7 between 9am and 5pm (extra hours to be discussed, if like us, you have no life and need to rent it later at night)

What it includes :

Internet : yes there is a limit, with respect to other users, torrents and similar stuff are forbidden, but not totally off-limits, so we can always come to an arrangements for legal downloads.

Phone : we can share some space on our PBX for you; what is a PBX ? it’s machine that answers for you and filters calls so unwanted are rejected (i’m talking about cruise offers). You can also manage time (the message changes depending on opening hours). We can also share our office clerk with you, if needed, but she does not work 7/7 (careful, she bites!)

Entertainment : you are stressed out or stressing others ? we have things for you to cool off :  babyfoot table, too-comfy sofas and 2 hammacs enhancing your butt.

For  web developers or projects managers : we have a task manager we can share with you and depending on the size of the project, a mini GIT server (very useful for development, especially if you work with our team of crazy programmers

For artists : you like ot express yourself in art ? have fun ! we have enough space for photographers, as well as dance classes ! In addition to renting space, you can also rent all the photographic equipment and accessories to dress us any way you want, from scary to sensual.

For instructors or leaders : we have a conference table for you, as well as a projector included with the rental (reserve in advance, as this projector likes to travel a lot and it not always around… ;-) )

Prices ?

Really, really not expensive, we want to help you while helping ourselves.

  • Offices
    • By the hour : 15$/hour
      Day* : 30$/day
      Week** : 90$/week
      Month** : 250$/month
  • Studio
    • Starting at 25$ , visit this link for complicated details

* Price per day = between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Sunday
** Price per week or month = between 9am and 5pm,  5/7 days

Shared offices at Hè

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Comment faire du support technique pour presque n’importe quel ordinateur ou consolle

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Refactorisation du site des dermatologues Dres Gagnon :

Le site était statique et utilisait d’anciennes technologies. Nous l’avons adapté pour tout ce qui est visuel :  téléphones, tablettes et écrans de toutes grandeurs. Dans le jargon, c’est du «responsive design». Nous avons utilisé le puissant système grid de Bootstrap™ par Twitter, une merveille open source. Et finalement le système est géré par Kohana, un framework légé, rapide et complet pour construire un site solide et efficace.

Voici ce que ca donne :

Site internet FaceAuTemps

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Fireworks chemistry and colors


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A programmer…

A programmer…

An organisme that turns caffeine and pizza into software



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Security : you want to protect your precious?


Lately, my sister got her bike stolen right in front of her, only three days after she had brought her expensive toy out of storage.  And poof! we find the bike in the Journal de Montréal in a thousand pieces, because the thief had an accident with it.

The police cannot do anything, they do not know who the thief is.

But if we had the picture of the thief and could figure out who he is, we would be a little ahead. However, we must not forget that we cannot take justice into our own hands, but we can bring the thief to justice: civil prosecutions, or Cours des Petites Créances,  there are many legal ways to make him pay for his theft. But to send someone a formal legal notice, you must know his/her identity.  And this is surveillance cameras can be a good idea.

There are several models and many functions available in surveillance cameras, but here are some important things to check before buying one:

- Angle of view (do you need to see wide or zoomed in on a specific area?)
- Inside or outside (the price varies a lot, depending on the need … through a window, we do not see much when there is a reflection)
- Alert Management:
- by email, reacting to a specific area in the image or at a specific time
- Recording methods (by FTP, memory card or PVR (hard disk recorder remote), by email, by direct access or via a web page, directly on your iPhone, Android

In terms of brands we’ve tried, here are some that are interesting (in order of preference)

  1. 75791Insteon DEVICE47
    1. Functions :
      1. Indoor and outdoor camera
      2. Wifi
      3. Ethernet (plugged as well)
      4. Stand alone power (certain cameras use PoE, which is power through Ethernet)
      5. FTP, email, alert schedule
      6. Mobile compatible (iPhone smartphones)
      7. View angle : 25°
      8. Powerful infrared
    2. Good sides
      1. Not expensive : 189$CAN on average
      2. Strong aluminium casing
      3. Many functions
    3. Bad sides
      1. Not simple (but geeks around you will figure it out)
  2. DCS-932L_rightD-Link DCS-932L
    1. Functions :
      1. Interior only
      2. Wifi
      3. Ethernet
      4. Stand alone power
      5. FTP, email, alert zones in the image
      6. iPhone compatible (application in the AppStore™)
      7. view angle : 45°
      8. intrared
    2. Good sides
      1. not expensive : around 100$CAN
      2. easy to use
      3. interesting functions
    3. Bad sides
      1. Interior only
      2. Fragile casing in plastic
  3. logitech-alert-750i-indoor-master-system.ENG logitech-alert-750e-outdoor-master-systemLogitech Logic Alert™ 750n and Alert™750e
    1. Functions
      1. 750n : interior, 750e : exterior and interior
      2. Wireless with Ethernet (the camera is wireless but the termina must be plugged in)
      3. Recording system via memory card + dedicated server (personal computer with the software LogicAlert MasterSystem)
      4. iPhone compatible (application on the AppStore™)
      5. View angle : 130° (very wide)
      6. definition : 960 x 720
      7. large infrared
    2. Good sides :
      1. Relatively simple to use
      2. Very very complete logistically (iPhone, Server, personal computer, BlackBerry, Android)
      3. User-friendly software, very complete
      4. Powerful, easy to use backup system
    3. Bad sides :
      1. Wireless is unstable, long to synchronise sor hard to make a diagnostic
      2. Expensive(750n : 199$CAN, 750e : 379$CAN)
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Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 15.48.39
Little update for Hè website. It is now better adapted for iPhone (iPad as well).

Let us know what you think!

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Buying a Mac and upgrading the hardware, an avantage ?

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Un super site qu’on a fait sur la chasse : chassequé

Ça fait longtemps qu’on l’a fait, mais il est toujours d’actualité et très populaire, je vous présente au nom de mon équipe le site de Michel Therrien et de son équipe : ChasseQué !

Oui vous pouvez aussi utiliser avec l’accent dans l’adresse ;-)

Chronique en vidéo et images très intéressante.

PS la version mobile ne présentent que les articles.

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Citation of the week : «I have more hard disk drive then of shoes» said my wife

46-wd-hard-disk-driveMy girlfriend, photographer at VeePhoto use a lot of hard disk drive for backing up her client’s photos and videos.

A cool trick for speedup, safier and more secure way to backup is a double docking station

An hard drive without a casing is realy less expensive then an external drive.  If can use the same casing for all your hard disk drive, you save a casing for each drive.

Call us if you want a docking station !

image source :
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